About Caminos de Arrias del Sur de Córdoba

Camino de Arrias del Sur de Córdoba, CASC is a non-profit, independent environmental and cultural non-governmental organization. The mission of CASC is the conservation of biodiversity and culture in the Southern Sierras of Córdoba, Argentina.


Read now how to build a greenhouse from plastic bottles!
Watch the slideshow of the first project!


Since yesterday back in Cordoba!
...with hurting hands and aching muscles...

Three days in Berrotaran with friendly people and a new project! It was fun and exerting.
This week I started a new greenhouse in Berrotaran. We collected a huge load of bottles from the local dump for bottles and it took a long time to cut them and remove the labels.
We digged holes where we put wooden posts, which are the corners of the greenhouse.
Yesterday I lined up the bottles of the first wall and I almost finished the second.

My hands hurt from bending all the wire. But it was nice to see how the greenhouse is getting done step by step!
Next week same game: Theres is still the roof to go.


My name is Frederik and I'm a volunteer worker of this organisation.
I'm from Hamburg in Germany and stay in Cordoba capital for three months. In my first month I took Spanish classes in the centre of the city and made trips to Iguazu and Mendoza.
Now I'm working in a school in the Sierras de Cordoba, where I build a greenhouse with the help of the local students of a very small country school, la escuela rural Ricardo Gutierrez, and the students of the graduating class in the next village, Rio de los Sauces.
I like my project and there is lot of work waiting for me.

Me llamo Frederik y soy el voluntario de esta organisacion.
Soy de Hamburgo, en el norte de Alemania. Yo estoy en Cordoba capital por tres meses. En mi primer mes yo tome clases de Castellano y via viaje a Iguazu y Mendoza.
Estos dias estoy trabajando en la escuela rural Ricardo Gutierrez, donde voy a construir un invernadero de botellas de plastico. Me ayudan los estudiantes de la escuela pequena y los estudiantes de sexto grado del segundario de Rio de los suaces.
Me gusta mi pryecto mucho y hay mucho mas para hacer.